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PENNSIC: My Chevau-léger Outfit

Back from Pennsic and working on some new research projects that I’m hoping to release soon. Until then, I wanted to show off my Opening Ceremonies outfit from the event — a 17th Century French chevau légers.

Examples of a 17th Century Chevau légers
Chevau légers were 17th Century light cavalry men in the French army. Me in the middle; chevau légers models from the Musee de l’Armee (Paris, France).

Chevau légers were considered light to medium cavalry. In the early to middle part of the 17th Century, they often wore a cuirass worn over a buff coat or just a buff coat, leather boots, and a helmet. The helmet was often a capeline, though the French cavalry apparently were big fans of the “iron hat” — a helmet that was in the shape of the wide-brim hat that was fashionable at the time (see the photos). Continue reading PENNSIC: My Chevau-léger Outfit


East Kingdom Rapier Army Officer Commissions Project

This is my second year as General of the East Kingdom Rapier Army and I wanted to do something special for my immediate staff who put in a lot of hard work and effort over the year as well as during Pennsic. They take time out of their vacation to deal with me, do bunch of Woods Walks, come to a ton of meetings, etc. Being on Command Staff is fun but it’s also work that takes one away from other Pennsic fun.

Last year I “paid” my staff with replica French coins that I bought at a vendor at Pennsic. This year I decided to write officer commissions to official recognize their role on my command staff and as leaders in the East Kingdom Rapier Army.

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Pennsic XLV Melee Champs Post-Mortem

This year marked my third time as Pennsic Melee Champs coordinator for the East Kingdom. I chose the team a little differently this year, and I want to document the process here so both the East Kingdom and our rapier community understand the process, plus act as a resource for future coordinators.


Little background for some context.

My first year as coordinator, I inherited a team already chosen and co-commanded with (then) His Grace Duke Kenric. The second year, I got to choose the team but co-commanded with the Midrealm’s commander. Bother years we lost and of no lack of effort. This year, I got to choose the team and solo command. Despite organizing things the past couple of years, this was the first time it truly felt like my team in every aspect.

I knew most of the EK “hot sticks” were going to the Single’s Team, and I didn’t want to throw another “All-Star” team on the field as that hadn’t really worked either in the past two years. I wanted strong melee combatants. Folks who work well as a team. Communicate well. Work hard. Fight hard. In short: soldiers.

I also only wanted to choose from a pool of people who showed interest in the team and was willing to put in the work to be on the team. No one would make it based off reputation alone. Everyone needed to earn their way onto the team. So I did a string of tryout/practices to see who those people where.
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Pennsic XLV Pictorial

Just a few pics from Pennsic XLV this year. Mostly of me from EK Melee Champs, where I was last man standing for my team and fending off three Midrealm fighters.

It’ll irk me for a long while that I didn’t win that fight for us. I know 3-on-1 is legit crazy odds, but I’ve done it before, so unable to do it when it really counted sucks. C’est la vie.

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Pennsic XLV Recap

Pennsic XLV was my fourth Pennsic, and my second as Executive Officer of the East Kingdom Rapier Army. This year, Kate came with me, too.

After an overnight stay in Buffalo, we made it into Pennsic on Friday morning where we (finally) got to debut our new tent, which I’ve affectionately called our Chateau. Setup was a huge pain. It was hot and humid, and we still needed to finish a few things on the tent (like the door and window), which meant setup took a lot longer than anticipated. But it was worth the effort. It looked great and held up beautifully in the rain. It also got a really nice cross-breeze (which was much needed this year).

The “Chateau” complete

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Post-Pennsic SCA Projects

– Finish the buff coat. Test run of the dye was… weird. I’ve emailed Master Luke for his expertise.
– LT’s doublet. It’s going to be very… LT.
– Straps & buckles for the new spurs. I meant to snag some period buckles at Pennsic but shopping time was almost eradicated this year for me.
– More period accurate falling bands and hand falls since I got lace, compliments of Baron Jehan recently. 😀
– Also have some fabric laying around. More doublets maybe? I have old ones that need to be put out to pasture soon. I didn’t roast nearly as bad as I expected in my slashed-sleeve doublet at Pennsic this year.

– Last year or so I had an idea for animated melee training videos. Xs & Os type stuff. I should work on making that a reality. I don’t think anything like this exists on the Internet (amazingly).
– Also want to write up a rapier melee treatise. The rapier ones I’ve found from other kingdoms are so-so and the rattan ones don’t translate perfectly to rapier. Would be nice to write one in the EK tradition to help new commanders.
– Need to brainstorm melee commanding class with Nataliia. Again, to help new commanders.
– I’m fired up to do more period rapier stuff. It’s been such a boon to my skill. I should try to find more time to delve into it deeper… y’know, in all that free time I have.

This list will only keep growing.

VIDEO: Pennsic Rapier Heroic Champions Bouts

Last year I was in the Pennsic Rapier Melee Champions bout; this year I “lost” my way into the singles/heroic team.*

Video all twelve fights just got uploaded to Youtube. Lots of varying styles and techniques. My fight begins at 21:34 against Don John Drake. He’s an amazing fencer and a super fun fight. He also does Italian rapier (I believe he does di Grassi) and won the By the Book tourney at Pennsic this year, so I was really excited to get paired up with him. I figured it’d be an entertaining bout for those watching.

I’m the dashing rogue in all black with a blue sash on the right side of the screen.

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