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Replicating 17th Century Cavalry (Cavalier) Spurs

Finally completed my 17th Century-esque spurs!

17th Century replica spurs

I’ve been looking into spurs for a few years now, but I haven’t been able to find 17th Century accurate spurs anywhere. Not even UK-based English Civil War reenacting shops have them. I did find some nice 15th Century spurs from Raymond’s Quiet Press while at Pennsic this year, so I picked those up and some sweet 1/2″ buckles that match pretty well.

Fifteenth Century spurs are different than 17th Century spurs in a few ways. Continue reading Replicating 17th Century Cavalry (Cavalier) Spurs


17th Century Buff Coat: Quickie Update

Just a quickie update. Spent the evening dry rubbing the dark yellow ochre dye powder into my leather for the buff coat replication. I went into more detail into the dye and method here. I tried to use the bare minimal so there’s not a lot of extra powder that’ll go everywhere. I may take a brush to it later to help.

But it’s all done except for the collar — which I have yet to cut out.

Here’s a before and after look.


Pictorial: The Carolingian Caliver Company standard

This was originally posted on JMAucoin.com in February 2015.

Last spring one of my fellow SCA fencers came up to me saying he wanted to be the standard-bearer for our fencing unit, the Carolingian Caliver Company.

I loved the idea. The only problem was that I had no clue how to make a silk banner or flag.

Fortunately, in the SCA if there’s something you want to learn there’s a really, really good chance there’s already someone with the know-how in the society. More fortunately, that fellow was Sir Antonio and he was teaching a silk banner making class at one of my local events. We got to make small little banners, but I’ll save you all from having to see my first attempt. But it was a great class with a handy review sheet that I would use later on. Continue reading Pictorial: The Carolingian Caliver Company standard