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Mistress Nataliia’s hat

The Ladies of the Rose tourney was today and I was finally able to snag a picture of Mistress Nataliia wearing the hat I made her. We look so spiffy.

Nataliia Hat


Nataliia’s Cavalier Hat

My good friend and fellow fencer, Nataliia, commissioned me to make her a fancy cavalier hat for Pennsic without any instruction or description of what she wanted the hat to look like. “I trust you,” was her rallying cry for the project, which is giving me an incredible amount of power and freedom.

I can be a bit hypercritical of my work and when making something for a friend I wasn’t sure if it was “good enough for Nataliia” but she was bouncing around in excitement when she put it on, so I guess I did all right.

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How To Make a Cavalier or Musketeer Hat: Basic Guide

This was originally posted on JMAucoin.com in January 2015.

I love hats. They’re such a great accessory to a person’s persona — be they for the SCA or a RenFaire or a LARP or even for just Halloween fun.

I’ve gotten a lot of use out of this hat that I got from Potted Fox (they no longer carry this, alas) and then added the silk band and plumes.


This hat was great because it’s leather so it can take a beating and also has a wired brim, so it can be bent into any shape I want and then reshaped later. I’ve used this for the cavalier/musketeer look as well as a tricorn for being a pirate and my Daring Dragoon cosplay. Hell, I’ve had folks recognize who I am in the dark because of this hat. Like I said, it’s a good hat.

But as part of my #MoreDashing2015 goal, I decided I needed update my look. The leather wide-brim hat isn’t going anywhere, but I wanted something a little more period (I haven’t found an instance of a leather hat in the early-to-mid 17th Century) and something a little nicer.

Here’s the end result:


So here’s a basic guide to shaping your own cavalier-era/musketeer wide-brim hat. Continue reading How To Make a Cavalier or Musketeer Hat: Basic Guide