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King’s & Queen’s Rapier Champs Recap

Yesterday was the most draining K&Q Rapiers I’ve been in. It’s also the deepest I made it, so that’s not too surprising.

I’m breaking this post into two parts — the What Happened and then Analysis– depending on what you might find more interesting. Continue reading King’s & Queen’s Rapier Champs Recap


King’s Company of Calivers favor for His Majesty

At K&Q Rapier, His Majesty named the Carolingian Caliver Company his rapier unit for his reign and renamed us the King’s Company of Calivers. We’re looking forward to having fun with this new position, but first we wanted Brennan to feel like one of the crew. So we made him a Caliver favor.

For the design, I took the Carolingian Caliver Company’s gold eagle and got rid of the Carolingian squiggles (since we’ve been temporarily bumped to royal unit level), and added a crown over the eagle’s head. Figure it was a nice modification of our unit’s badge. Continue reading King’s Company of Calivers favor for His Majesty

On the East Kingdom’s New (Proposed) Award Structure

I was pretty excited — and surprised — to see the news breaking about the East Kingdom’s proposed new award structure. The EK Gazette has a nice post on it, written by Their Majesties, but the TL;DR version is this:

  • Orders of High Merit (the Silver Crescent, the Golden Rapier, the Maunche, the Tygers Combatant, the Sagittarius and the Golden Lance) will be raised from an Award of Arms (AoA) to a Grant of Arms (GoA).
  • There’ll be four new non-polling orders made (Order of the Silver Tyger, Order of the Silver Brooch, Order of the Cogwheel, and Order of Apollo’s Arrow).

None of this is official yet and needs go through Curia, but the initial responses I’ve seen from people have been positive. Continue reading On the East Kingdom’s New (Proposed) Award Structure