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Remy’s Coat of Arms

This summer I decided to do a little art project and create full coat of arms for my SCA persona. It was a cool process. I used InternationalHeraldry.com to help guide my process.

Chevalier Remy Delamontagne de Gascogne's coat of arms (SCA)

No idea what I’ll do with this now, but it’s done.

Some fun details:

  • The Supporters are Rex and the Carolingian Company of Calivers’ eagle.
  • The batons are the Maréchal of France baton.

    I actually found evidence of the batons used in (my) period with a device/coat of arms. Maréchal of France baton is a military distinction/award, not a military rank, but I’m using it to signify my time as East Kingdom Rapier General.
  • Open-visor helm for peerage.
  • The MoD collar is around the gorget of the helm.
  • The white plumes because it’s me.
  • Spres et Ferrum aka “Hope & Iron” (or, in spirit, “Hope & Sword”) is a take on my book series — Hope & Steel — which takes place in early 17th Century France.

The Bomb-Kitty Award

Everyone likes to win in melee. Everyone wants to be the hero. Be the guy or gal who d’Artagnan’s their way through the opposition, slicing them up like bread to be handed out at dinner time.

The Calivers, of course, want this as well. We work hard to try to be that group. But there’s something else we teach. Something we work on and love to celebrate — a glorious death.

Worf is our patron saint

A couple of months back we handed out the first Bomb-Kitty Award for “melee prowess.” It went to Eon, one of our newer members, but well deserving of the award.

The award requirement itself can be summed up with the phrase “Your life meant nothing, but your death meant everything.”
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The [Brief] History of the Carolingian Calivers

It’s funny to look back and see how far you and your friends have come.

When I started the Carolingian Calivers with my buddy Duncan about six years back, we had a simple goal: To create a rapier unit that specialized in RBG tactics, and to build a group that could fight together and train together.

An Idea Conceived

Duncan & I after the Calivers were officially chartered into the barony
Duncan & I after the Calivers were officially chartered into the barony

The RBG angle might seem a bit odd, but it stemmed from a battle at GNEW about six years back (give or take). I was put on the run squad and my objective was to get to the opposite end of the ship and block our enemies from boarding, so the slower runners behind us could get all the gold for our team.

I sprinted my tiny little ass off and got there first. Barreling toward me on the other side was Don Wyatt, armed with his usual sword and buckler. I knew I was more or less toast, but the longer I could hold out the better for my team. When he got a few paces away he stopped. But instead of raising his sword, he lowered his buckler, revealing a loaded pistol.


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Pennsic XLV Recap

Pennsic XLV was my fourth Pennsic, and my second as Executive Officer of the East Kingdom Rapier Army. This year, Kate came with me, too.

After an overnight stay in Buffalo, we made it into Pennsic on Friday morning where we (finally) got to debut our new tent, which I’ve affectionately called our Chateau. Setup was a huge pain. It was hot and humid, and we still needed to finish a few things on the tent (like the door and window), which meant setup took a lot longer than anticipated. But it was worth the effort. It looked great and held up beautifully in the rain. It also got a really nice cross-breeze (which was much needed this year).

The “Chateau” complete

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Balfar’s Challenge recap

Saturday was Balfar’s Challenge. The 3-man tourney was an escort mission, with two guards escorting a princess to different castles. It was a fun scenario but it discouraged combat. The goal was to bring a princess to a castle to score points. If you were busy killing, you weren’t scoring.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed the scenario. It was a lot moving pieces and going as unnoticed as possible, which was a fun, different challenge.

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King’s Company of Calivers favor for His Majesty

At K&Q Rapier, His Majesty named the Carolingian Caliver Company his rapier unit for his reign and renamed us the King’s Company of Calivers. We’re looking forward to having fun with this new position, but first we wanted Brennan to feel like one of the crew. So we made him a Caliver favor.

For the design, I took the Carolingian Caliver Company’s gold eagle and got rid of the Carolingian squiggles (since we’ve been temporarily bumped to royal unit level), and added a crown over the eagle’s head. Figure it was a nice modification of our unit’s badge. Continue reading King’s Company of Calivers favor for His Majesty

K&Q Recap: In which Carolingia (and the Author) Have a Day

Yesterday was the East Kingdom’s King’s & Queen’s Rapier Championship. It was a beautiful day for fencing. Sunny and comfortably warm. A naval fortress on the coast as our backdrop. Great day. Great location.

We had 62 fencers in the field and a really deep pool of good fencers. Each pool had at least three OGR/MoDs, and since we take just 16 from the round robin pools to move on it was going to be a pain for a lot of solid fencers to get into the double-elimination round. Continue reading K&Q Recap: In which Carolingia (and the Author) Have a Day