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Balfar’s Challenge recap

Saturday was Balfar’s Challenge. The 3-man tourney was an escort mission, with two guards escorting a princess to different castles. It was a fun scenario but it discouraged combat. The goal was to bring a princess to a castle to score points. If you were busy killing, you weren’t scoring.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed the scenario. It was a lot moving pieces and going as unnoticed as possible, which was a fun, different challenge.

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Caliver vs. Cavalier: What’s the Dif?

In the SCA I have a French cavalier persona. I also started the Carolingian Caliver Company, a baronial fencing unit here in the Boston-area of the East Kingdom.

This has become humorously problematic as the number one mistake/mix up I run into with my fellow SCAdians is that they call the “Carolingian Calivers” the “Carolingian Cavaliers.” The mix up is understandable, though I sometimes wonder if people think I’m misspelling my fencing unit’s name when I write “Calivers.”

Regardless,  I figure I’d do a quick post to explain the difference between the two. Most people I run into know what a cavalier is, but are fuzzy about what a caliver is.

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