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On Rapier Tournament Headspace

“Tourney Headspace” seems to be on a lot of fencers minds these days. Hardly a month doesn’t go by where I’m not part of some conversation, over drinks, talking about what works and doesn’t for fencing competitors.

For better or worse, a lacking “tourney brain” is often blamed for poor performance in tournaments. That’s definitely part of it. Not being properly focused can lead to early exits. I also think there’s a bit of a proper technique gap, especially in the confines fo SCA rapier, but tourney brain/headspace gets the lion share of blame.

I figure I would present my two cents on the issue.

Thinking about thinking

Note: By all means, I don’t think my way is the way. I think it’s one of the unlimited ways someone can prep themselves for a tournament or their next fight. It’s highly customizable, which is both a pro and con.

I also encourage people who are trying to develop their tourney brain to talk to the top fencers in their area to see what they do, read up on sports psychology, and be willing to experiment and fail while figuring out what’s best for you.

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The Low Line Attack With a Void (VIDEO)

I had a great day of fencing on Saturday at Balfar’s Challenge. Not only did my rapier melee team (Remy’s Angels II: Electric Boogaloo) came in first place, I also finished strong in second place in the afternoon’s Pennsic Qualifer Tourney in which I rolled out with single rapier the entire time.

I had to fight through my entire fencing family tree which was amusing in its own right. This fight against my cadet, Gregori, on the anniversary of his caddeting, was possibly the most memorable one ’cause of how I won — with a low line void & strike under the opponent’s sword arm.

His reaction was also pretty fantastic. We were laughing a good five minutes after this.

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Falling Band & Cuffs for Llewellyn Walsh’s MoD

This weekend was Balfar’s Challenge and one of my fencing friends, Llewellyn, was elevated to the SCA’s Order of Defense. It’s a great honor and responsibility, and is the highest rapier award in the organization.

I was asked to make a falling band and matching cuffs set to go with his elevation garb. Our friend Liadan was making the main outfit, so I conferred with her on what the outfit would look like. She sent me the cuff and collar measurements for the outfit.

  • Llewellyn MoD elevation
  • Llewellyn Blue Steel

As the photos show, she went with black and green as the main colors (based off an extent example she found) and gold trim to accent it all.

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King’s & Queen’s Rapier Champs Recap: 2018 edition

So yea. K&Q Rapier was almost a month back and, man, this year was a day. After eight years of fencing in the SCA and five Sweet 16 appearances, I finally won King’s Champ.

King's Rapier Champion scroll, East Kingdom 2018
My King’s Champ Scroll

I’m gonna compile all my thoughts about the tournament and the weeks leading up to it. It’s all tied together and were important to my road to the tournament, but no idea if the ideas will come across.

You can read my 2016 & 2015 recaps here. Apparently I didn’t write one for 2017?? Lame.

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East Kingdom Rapier Army Officer Commissions Project

This is my second year as General of the East Kingdom Rapier Army and I wanted to do something special for my immediate staff who put in a lot of hard work and effort over the year as well as during Pennsic. They take time out of their vacation to deal with me, do bunch of Woods Walks, come to a ton of meetings, etc. Being on Command Staff is fun but it’s also work that takes one away from other Pennsic fun.

Last year I “paid” my staff with replica French coins that I bought at a vendor at Pennsic. This year I decided to write officer commissions to official recognize their role on my command staff and as leaders in the East Kingdom Rapier Army.

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Text for Katerina Falconer de Lanark’s AoA Scroll

I forget exactly when and under what the context of the conversation was, but Countess Meggie suggested that I write some words for scrolls. So last summer I wrote two for people I knew.

Lady Katerina Falconer de Lanark
❤ Lady Katerina Falconer de Lanark ❤

I posted the OSR scroll I wrote for Zohane, but this Award of Arms scroll for my wife was truly the first scroll that I ever wrote. I did a bunch of research into period documents, looking for inspiration but came up empty. So, like with Zohane’s scroll, I used Mistress Alys’ Scroll Madlibs as some inspiration and then added in some of my own poetic flair that “sounded period” to my ears.

I did put in a little Easter Egg for her in the text — Captain Marvel — one of her favorite superheroes. I also wanted to call out all the work she did for the Calivers even before she joined the SCA and started fencing with us.

The scroll reads:

Lords and ladies of our dear East Kingdom, greetings. It has come to our attention that there is a fierce but just Gentlewoman in the Barony of Carolingia, a gentlewoman who has a Captain’s command of the needle and is a Marvel to behold on our Rapier Lists.

This Gentle is known to us by the name of Katerina Falconer de Lanark. A dutiful and loyal soldier of the Carolingian Caliver Company, she has been Indispensable in the construction of the aforementioned Company’s uniforms, and in Victory on the battlefield at Pennsic, bringing both Glory to the Company and to our fair and just Kingdom.

That these good works be not forgotten, we do now declare her a Lady of our court and Award unto the said Katerina such Arms as are just fitting and proper:

Signed by our hand, Ioannes Serpentius, Emperor of the East, and Honig, Empress, on this day, August 9th, in the fifty-second year, at Pennsic XLVI.

Myrun Leifsdottir did the artwork for the scroll. She did my MoD scroll as well, and when she was showing me some of her test artwork, there was an image that caught my eye based off artwork by Abraham Bosse that I knew would be perfect for a scroll for Kate.

AoA for Katerina Falconer de Lanark
Words by Marechal Remy Delamontagne de Gascogne; Art/Caligraphy by Lady Myrun Leifsdottir

Myrun goes over her process in this blog post (give it a read) and added some perfect personal elements to the scroll.

I’m not sure if scroll writing is my thing, per say, but it was cool to work on a couple of scrolls for friends and loved ones.

Text for Zohane Faber’s OSR Scroll

Last summer I delved into writing words for scrolls. One of them being for one of my Calivers & friends — Zohane Faber. He was to be inducted into the Order of the Silver Rapier at Pennsic.

Zohane has a a late 16th Century Milan persona. Along with being a fencer, he’s a talented and dutiful period chef and head of the Carolingian Cooks Guild, so I wanted to give his OSR a chef’s flair.

To do this, I dug into one of Maestro Martino of Como’s cook books. Maestro Martino of Como has been called the first celebrity chef, and his extraordinary treatise on Renaissance cookery, The Art of Cooking, is the first known culinary guide to specify ingredients, cooking times and techniques, utensils, and amounts. Continue reading Text for Zohane Faber’s OSR Scroll