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In which the author becomes art

This is pretty awesome. Don Malocchio needed to practice using a new art program, so did a sweet painting-like portrait of me.

Don Remy Delamontagne de GascogneThe original image was a photograph taken by Bifrost Studios (also SCA) — you can find it here.

I wish I had a sweet mantle and fire place to hang the image over.

Malocchio also did the book cover for Honor Among Thieves for me.


Who’s coming with me?

Who’s coming with me?

Horse riders soon will be able to gallop in the fabled tracks of France’s most famous musketeer – thanks to a project announced at the weekend in his hometown of Lupiac.

From the annual D’Artagnan Festival in Lupiac in south-west France on Sunday (09/08/2015), organizers announced their intentions to construct a 4000-kilometer long bridle path – the first of its kind in Europe.

More about this on

A d’Artagnan Festival? And a 4000 km d’Artagnan trail ride? Sign me up!

Post-Pennsic SCA Projects

– Finish the buff coat. Test run of the dye was… weird. I’ve emailed Master Luke for his expertise.
– LT’s doublet. It’s going to be very… LT.
– Straps & buckles for the new spurs. I meant to snag some period buckles at Pennsic but shopping time was almost eradicated this year for me.
– More period accurate falling bands and hand falls since I got lace, compliments of Baron Jehan recently. 😀
– Also have some fabric laying around. More doublets maybe? I have old ones that need to be put out to pasture soon. I didn’t roast nearly as bad as I expected in my slashed-sleeve doublet at Pennsic this year.

– Last year or so I had an idea for animated melee training videos. Xs & Os type stuff. I should work on making that a reality. I don’t think anything like this exists on the Internet (amazingly).
– Also want to write up a rapier melee treatise. The rapier ones I’ve found from other kingdoms are so-so and the rattan ones don’t translate perfectly to rapier. Would be nice to write one in the EK tradition to help new commanders.
– Need to brainstorm melee commanding class with Nataliia. Again, to help new commanders.
– I’m fired up to do more period rapier stuff. It’s been such a boon to my skill. I should try to find more time to delve into it deeper… y’know, in all that free time I have.

This list will only keep growing.