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Falling Band & Cuffs for Llewellyn Walsh’s MoD

This weekend was Balfar’s Challenge and one of my fencing friends, Llewellyn, was elevated to the SCA’s Order of Defense. It’s a great honor and responsibility, and is the highest rapier award in the organization.

I was asked to make a falling band and matching cuffs set to go with his elevation garb. Our friend Liadan was making the main outfit, so I conferred with her on what the outfit would look like. She sent me the cuff and collar measurements for the outfit.

  • Llewellyn MoD elevation
  • Llewellyn Blue Steel

As the photos show, she went with black and green as the main colors (based off an extent example she found) and gold trim to accent it all.

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PENNSIC: My Chevau-léger Outfit

Back from Pennsic and working on some new research projects that I’m hoping to release soon. Until then, I wanted to show off my Opening Ceremonies outfit from the event — a 17th Century French chevau légers.

Examples of a 17th Century Chevau légers
Chevau légers were 17th Century light cavalry men in the French army. Me in the middle; chevau légers models from the Musee de l’Armee (Paris, France).

Chevau légers were considered light to medium cavalry. In the early to middle part of the 17th Century, they often wore a cuirass worn over a buff coat or just a buff coat, leather boots, and a helmet. The helmet was often a capeline, though the French cavalry apparently were big fans of the “iron hat” — a helmet that was in the shape of the wide-brim hat that was fashionable at the time (see the photos). Continue reading PENNSIC: My Chevau-léger Outfit

Pennsic XLV Pictorial

Just a few pics from Pennsic XLV this year. Mostly of me from EK Melee Champs, where I was last man standing for my team and fending off three Midrealm fighters.

It’ll irk me for a long while that I didn’t win that fight for us. I know 3-on-1 is legit crazy odds, but I’ve done it before, so unable to do it when it really counted sucks. C’est la vie.

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Post-Pennsic To Do List

Now that Pennsic’s over, it’s time to create my To Do list.

  • Finish linen Caliver Cassock 2.0
  • Finish grey doublet & matching breeches
  • New falling bands & hand cuffs
  • Leather rapier & dagger sheaths
  • New fencing and non-fencing shirts
  • Learn how to make my own cavalier-style boots?

I also want to do Jean de Gassion’s outfit from this portrait as an A&S project. The hat, armor and boots may be out of my current skill set, however. Would love to upgrade my fencing kit with a more persona-appropriate gorget and helm.


I’m also open to commission work. I have a few in the queue, but more than happy to take on more. Get in touch, if interested.

The Making Of… Nataliia’s MoD Doublet

Saturday was Fall Crown Tourney for the East Kingdom, and as well as finding who would be the East’s heirs, it was also when my good friend and fellow Fencer Nataliia was to be elevated into the Order of Defense.

I had the honor of making Nataliia’s doublet for the occasion. We were in the back of court at K&Q Rapier when we had this great exchange:

Nataliia: Can you make me a doublet for my elevation?
Me: Sure! When is it?
Nataliia: Crown.
Me: When’s that?
Nataliia: In a month.
Me: Suuuuureee….. Continue reading The Making Of… Nataliia’s MoD Doublet

EK Provost Collar/17th Century ‘Chain of Office’

As noted in a previous post, I became Master Donovan’s provost (see: fencing squire). He gave me a sweet blue leather collar with pewter hardware — similar to what some of the EK MoD’s have but in white.

Because of the hardware, I didn’t want to be wearing that at K&Q Rapier Champs or other fencing events. I’m afraid it’ll take a hit and break. Of course, the simple solution is “just don’t get hit” but simple =/= easy. So I wanted to make a “fighting collar.” It also gave me an excuse to whip up something that’s more in line with my 17th Century persona.

Very late in SCA period and beyond, the chains of offices slowly lost their chains and were replaced by fancy silk bands. This was my basis for the design. Super simple and easy. And like with my fancier provost collar, we put an EK Populace badge on it. The silk came by way of my fencing sister Alesone via Master Donovan.

East Kingdom Provost Collar
Right: Portrait of Robert Devereux (1565-1601), Earl of Essex; Left: my provost collar version

Replicating 17th Century Cavalry (Cavalier) Spurs

Finally completed my 17th Century-esque spurs!

17th Century replica spurs

I’ve been looking into spurs for a few years now, but I haven’t been able to find 17th Century accurate spurs anywhere. Not even UK-based English Civil War reenacting shops have them. I did find some nice 15th Century spurs from Raymond’s Quiet Press while at Pennsic this year, so I picked those up and some sweet 1/2″ buckles that match pretty well.

Fifteenth Century spurs are different than 17th Century spurs in a few ways. Continue reading Replicating 17th Century Cavalry (Cavalier) Spurs