Llewellyn Walsh MoD Falling Band

Falling Band & Cuffs for Llewellyn Walsh’s MoD

This weekend was Balfar’s Challenge and one of my fencing friends, Llewellyn, was elevated to the SCA’s Order of Defense. It’s a great honor and responsibility, and is the highest rapier award in the organization.

I was asked to make a falling band and matching cuffs set to go with his elevation garb. Our friend Liadan was making the main outfit, so I conferred with her on what the outfit would look like. She sent me the cuff and collar measurements for the outfit.

  • Llewellyn MoD elevation
  • Llewellyn Blue Steel

As the photos show, she went with black and green as the main colors (based off an extent example she found) and gold trim to accent it all.

Now, normally falling bands and cuffs are white on white. White lace, white linen. But since his outfit was going to have a lot of black and gold already — and black & gold is his household’s colors — I decided to do the falling band in black & gold, too.

  • Llewellyn Walsh MoD Falling Band
  • Llewellyn Walsh MoD Shirt Cuffs

Not gonna lie. I was a little nervous it wouldn’t look right and the part of me that wants to make things historical and documentable was unsure, but I’m pretty happy with the end result.

I use the Reconstructing History collars & cuffs pattern for the base of both the falling band and cuff. I then did fifteen 1″ angled pleats to shape the band down to size; the cuffs had five 1″ angle pleats to accomplish the same.

  • Falling Band Lace
  • Falling Band Lace

The tricky bit I aways need to remind myself is to include the raw edge of the box lace in the overall length of the falling band and cuff. These, too, need to be stuffed into neck and wrist band so no raw edges are left exposed.

Note: I haven’t found any examples of falling bands and cuffs being anything but white on white.


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