Zohane Order of the Silver Rapier

Text for Zohane Faber’s OSR Scroll

Last summer I delved into writing words for scrolls. One of them being for one of my Calivers & friends — Zohane Faber. He was to be inducted into the Order of the Silver Rapier at Pennsic.

Zohane has a a late 16th Century Milan persona. Along with being a fencer, he’s a talented and dutiful period chef and head of the Carolingian Cooks Guild, so I wanted to give his OSR a chef’s flair.

To do this, I dug into one of Maestro Martino of Como’s cook books. Maestro Martino of Como has been called the first celebrity chef, and his extraordinary treatise on Renaissance cookery, The Art of Cooking, is the first known culinary guide to specify ingredients, cooking times and techniques, utensils, and amounts.

I didn’t base the scroll off of any one recipe, but used general themes, tones and phrases from the collection of recipes, such as seen in “How to Prepare a Tart with Squab or Pullet, Etc.”:

First, boil the meat just a little, so that it is nearly cooked; and then cut it up into small piece sand fry in some good lard. Then lay a crust of dough in a pan, topping with dried prunes or cherries, and then take some good ver juice, a little fatty broth, and eight eggs, and beat; and tak esome parsley, 12 marjoram, and mint, and chop up these herbs with a knife; combine in a pot and place it over heat, that is to say, place it over hot coals so that as you stir it continuously with a spoon, it will begin to stick.

Then top the crust with this fine broth; and then put it over heat as i fit were a torte, and as soon as it begins to thicken, serve; and be sure that the crust is sweet or tart as suits the common taste, or however your master likes.

…and “How to Prepare Browned Meat, Squab, or Pullet, or Kid”:

First, clean very well and quarter, or cut into small pieces, and fry in a pot with some good lard,stirring often with a spoon. When the meat is almost done cooking, discard most of the fat from the pot. Then take some good ver juice, two egg yolks, just a little good broth, and some good spices, and mix together with enough saffron to make the mixture yellow and combine with the meat in the pot; boil for a little while until cooked. Place the browned meat on a platter, top with just a bit of chopped parsley, and serve.

Browned meat can be made sweet or sour to taste or as suits your master’s tastes

I also homaged from Mistress Alys Mackyntoich’s Scroll Madlibs to help tie it all together, being that I’m pretty new to scroll writing. It was a big help.

Ioannes, King of the East, and Ro Honig, his Queen, to all to whom the present letters shall come, greetings. We have noticed a singular Gentleman from the city of Milan who entered our fair East Kingdom and made home in the Barony of Carolingia. While he is known among our Court as a talented cook, his renown with a blade extends beyond the pantry to his prowess in rapier.

And thus by studying Zohane Faber, we have found the recipe for success upon our rapier lists:

  1. Take a good amount of panache and skill and other good things.
  2. Mix equal amounts of melee prowess with a duelist’s precision.
  3. Practice until done and seasoned to your master’s taste.

Thus finding the said Zohane meticulously seasoned and well done, we induct him into our Order of the Silver Rapier, and bestow upon him all the Rights, Honors and Privileges of said Order. So ordered by our hand at Pennsic XLV, AS LII.

Zohane Order of the Silver Rapier
Zohane receives his Order of the Silver Rapier. Photo by Blair Burns.


The actual scroll & artwork was done by another fellow Caliver, Lady Magdelena von Kirschberg.

Zohane Faber Scroll - Magdelana
Scroll art by Lady Magdelena von Kirschberg

Check out some of Zohane’s period recipes at his blog.


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