K&Q Recap: In which Carolingia (and the Author) Have a Day

Yesterday was the East Kingdom’s King’s & Queen’s Rapier Championship. It was a beautiful day for fencing. Sunny and comfortably warm. A naval fortress on the coast as our backdrop. Great day. Great location.

We had 62 fencers in the field and a really deep pool of good fencers. Each pool had at least three OGR/MoDs, and since we take just 16 from the round robin pools to move on it was going to be a pain for a lot of solid fencers to get into the double-elimination round.

The Tourney

I fought extremely well in my pool, sweeping the round robin with fairly efficient execution. I was very content with my state of mind, my blade work and ability to effectively work measure. (Thanks, Capo Ferro!)

Making the Sweet 16 was great. My first fight was against Don Orlando which I was excited about. It’s always a pleasure to fight someone else who enjoys historical swordsmanship as much (if not more) than myself. We had a good pass and I came out on top. My next fight, alas, was against Don Thomas of Effingham. He and I always have fun bouts and we tend to go 50-50. Since I beat him in out last tourney run-in it seemed fitting that it was Thomas’s time for the win. I nearly got him, but his quick hands got me before I could truly get passed his point. First loss. Third fight was against Micholij (spl). He was the second fencer to leave my pool. I was a little worried he’d get revenge on me for beating him in the round robins, but I was able to hold him off and stay alive.

Warming up with Devillin
Warming up with Devillin

My fourth fight in the double-elim was against Allerick. Allerick is (or was) a very little known fencer, but extremely skilled. He also does Capo Ferro (among other forms) and is technically one of the best fencers I’ve seen when it comes to period swordsmanship. He’s also deadly as hell, but doesn’t make it out to a ton of events. He was one of the few people I really didn’t want to run into. He’s from my practice and we fight each all the time. And I think it showed. We had an epic duel, something worthy of a swashbuckling movie. The back and forth was fantastic, highly skilled, and so much fun. I came close on getting him a few times, but just couldn’t make up the difference. He eventually got me, knocking me out. But holy smokes, what a way to go. He was a star in the tourney and I’m glad he can no longer fly under the radar.

The finals came down to Don Thomas and my MoD, Master Donovan. Donovan defeated Thomas in some great bouts, earning himself his third King’s Rapier Champion. The record for the East is four and I would not be surprised if he meets and breaks that record.

I’ll worry about getting number one first. 🙂


I’m sure I’ll sound a bit like an ass, but I was a bit disappointed in my finish. My goal, obviously, was to win and I fell short of that. But I still recognize I had myself a solid showing and I feel much better about my position in things this fine morning. Sweeping my pool was great and if you go back to the previous tourney (Ladies of the Rose), I went on 17 or 18 straight tournament bouts before finally taking a loss. That’s a good run for anyone.

My two losses also came to Thomas (who made it to the finals) and Allerick (who lost to the dude who won the tourney). Both are amazing fighters and were memorable fights (especially Allerick), so there’s no shame there. As the wise Captain Picard one (or will) say:


Making the final eight out of 62 is a great feat. And it meant a lot when His Majesty came over to me after one of my fights, shook my hand and said, “You just straight up murdered a dude.” Truly one of the highest compliments you can get from Brennan Rex.

I also found out I was in the running for Queen’s Champ which is an honor in itself, though I am ecstatic that Llewellyn is Queen’s Champ.

What happened at court definitely helped take the sting out of not reaching my goal…

Court… aka Carolingia Gets a Lot of Things

Carolingia had itself an amazing day. Five of the final eight, three of the final four, and the final two all came from the Carolingian practice. Very proud with how my local fencers fought all day. Working with those guys pays dividends to the rest of us.

Scrooby was (finally) given his AoA with lots of praise and excitement over him making an RBG cannon for the Carolingian Caliver Company and designing the firing/locking mechanism for our RBG calivers. He’s been a beast of a fencer, especially recently, and that AoA was well-deserved and a bit overdue.

Allerick also got an impromptu Silver Rapier. He’s been flying under the radar for a good while, mostly because he’s unable to make it out to a lot of events. But he’s one of those guys who always pushes us to be better at practice. He shares a love for historical swordsmanship. He’s one of the most technically sound period fencers in the East Kingdom, so I’m glad he was awarded his OSR on the field before the finals. A+ classy move by everyone involved.

Donovan became King’s Champ for the third time. Nice going, boss. Hope to take that gear from you next fall.

And Thomas became the Premiere Holder of the Cloak of Perseverance, a new honor that is the rapier equivalent to rattan’s Cloak of Chivalry.

My self-described god-donna Natalia also was given her writ to join the Order of Defense. I’m stoked for her and believe she’ll be a great addition to the growing order. I’m also honored that she asked me to make her a doublet for her elevation ceremony next month. I need to get cracking…

Don Malocchio was honored for his superb generalship at Pennsic this year. I missed most of what was said since people were talking to me about one of the awards I had just received, but there was something about drums? Edit: Yep, drums.

Countess Meggie got her Silver Crescent for all those “bad ideas” she had. She also fought very, very well in her pool.

The Carolingian Caliver Company also was honored by His Majesty for the prowess and skill we showed at Pennsic this past summer. So for the duration of his reign he has chosen us to be his rapier unit and we the Carolingian Caliver Company shall be known as the King’s Company of Calivers until he steps down.


Here’s the text:

Manifesting our royal pleasure for the establishing of companies for the practice of arms in defense of the Realm, and having understood and been credibly informed that the Carolingian Calivers have studied the arts of warefare and practice those same arts with exceptional and notable diligence during the late Pennsic Wars; therefore We, Brennan, King of the East, do now, as mark of our singular favor, give, grant and accord to the company aforementioned license as the King’s Own Company of Calivers, with the rights and privilege to bear arms and weapons in the Royal Presence, and freedom from all rents, taxes and monetary duties otherwise appertaining the laid rights, licenses, privileges and freedoms to be observed for the duration of our reign.

Pretty baller. And about as close as I’ll get to being a Captain of the Royal Musketeers. I think we’re going to have a lot of fun in this position for the next six months.

And if that wasn’t cool enough, I was called back up a few minutes later to model off my garb and do a little catwalk for the populace attended, and talk about the shiny persona-correct version of my provost collar. I was then award and inducted into the King’s Order of Excellence which is an award “given by the Sovereign to those who maintain a high standard of authenticity in their dress, behavior, persona, and goods, in the feast hall, in their encampments, and on the field.”

Being inducted into the King’s Order of Excellence

This award has been something I aspired to for a while now but not one I thought I’d get anytime soon. I’m deeply honored and excited that I’m looking and playing the part of 17th Century officer/cavalier well. It’s also super cool that I was recognized for this since my garb, technically, is post-SCA period. I feel like I’m just scratching the surface of my garb and persona, and my list of commissions requests was already growing before this honor.


Here’s the text:

Whereas the assemblies of the estates of the realm and thsoe of notable persons chosen to give advice to Ourselves on important affairs of this realm have repeatedly requested and very humbly supplicated Ourselves to recognize one Remy Delamontagne de Gascogne for his excellence in department and evocation which serves to augment Our Kingdom by the consummate panache of his person. We announce, declare, ordain, and will that said Remy be made a member of Our King’s Order of Excellence. So far as it shall be deemed necessary for the well-being and repose of Our subjects and the glory of this state, so that they henceforth need not fear that said Remy shall falter in his presentation, he shall from this day enjoy yearly a new falling band with lace.

Awesome, right? I need to give huge thanks and props to Jehan du Lac and Luke Knowlton for their patronage and teaching me what they know of the 17th Century Century. They’ve been a priceless source of information and support for my persona and garb research. 🙂

I now have a growing list of commission work, including a hat, a cloak, two doublets, and a TBD something for Her Majesty.

And finally, congrats to Jean-Michelle for being the newest member of the Order of the Golden Rapier. The Order is stronger with him part of it. Glad he’s with us.

So yea, we had ourselves a day. 🙂


4 thoughts on “K&Q Recap: In which Carolingia (and the Author) Have a Day”

  1. There are a few people who I desperately want to be able to hand this regalia off to, and you’re absolutely among them!

    That Picard quote is also 100% accurate (and I referenced it at least once yesterday, too) and worth using more.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Looking back at how I fought, I could’ve easily made the finals with how well I was fencing. Which was frustrating yesterday but promising today. And I expect my skill will increase over the coming year.

      Picard is wise and we should listen to him. 🙂


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