SCA Provost Scroll

Rose Tourney Recap & Becoming a Provost

Today was the East Kingdom’s Ladies of the Rose Tournament. I had the pleasure and honor of fighting for Duchess Elisanda of Meridies. The rest of our fencing half of the team consisted of Don Devillin, Uraka, Trian and Scrooby. It was definitely an interesting mix of a fencing team, but a solid squad.

I figured we’d do well in the fencing half of the tourney, but we far surpassed my expectations. We came in second place in fencing and our Rose team was fourth overall. Definitely a good showing. Really proud with how our team did. Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun, and everyone pulled their weight in getting victories. So I’m sure no one left feeling like dead weight (we had none).

Personally, it was a great day. I went undefeated in my bouts, which was comforting and a nice confidence boost since the past few practices have felt frustrating. A lot of it stems from trying to fine tune some techniques against good fighters. A recipe for frustration. So going 10-0 and only losing one limb during the entire run was pretty awesome. Hoping I can continue that trend at K&Q next month.

Also some other exciting news. I officially became provost to Master Donovan (provost is what the East is calling the fencing squires; not sure what other kingdoms are doing). We’ve been discussing it since after I got my OGR at GNEW; figured since today’s event was about camaraderie, courteousness, and pageantry, it was a good event to make it all official.


And since we both are huge nerds for period swordsmanship, Donovan found the contract used by the London Masters of Defense. The wording was modded to fit with the SCA and all the religious items were left out. Here’s the terms of our working relationship. Item number three (fourth graph) is pretty great.

Scroll signing

Here’s the full text:

Imprimis you shall sweare so helpe you God that you shall upholde mayntayne and kepe to your power all soch articles as shalbe declared unto you by me beinge your maister, in the presence of theis witnesses who hear which you intend to procede unto

Item you shalbe a true subjecte to our Kingdom and not to knowe of any treason but that you utter it within four and twentie howers at the farthest and sooner yf you canne and to serve the East agaynst all nations and people and to the uttermost of your power.

Item you shalbe a true provoste from this daye unto the last daye of your life to love and serve the trueth and hate falshode, never to rebell or go agaynste any maister or provost of this science, allways to be ruelled by me your maister of this science, doing all that you might to learn that which I have to teache of this science and of being a peer of the East.

Item you shall sweare Not to teache anny suspect person as a murtherer, a thefe, a common drunkarde or such as be common quarellers but to avoyde your hands of them and to kepe no companye with them so nigh as you canne.

Item you shal not take him scholler or cadet anny person Whatsoever they be without you do sweare them with such othes alike and with the license of your Maister.

Item that at anny prize or game or other such happening which you shalbe at ether to play or to stand by you shall saye the trueth of that which you shall see, when you be asked or called to speake, and to speake if none others do. And when you shalbe so asked you shall give true Judgement of that which you have seene so nighe as you canne.

Item you shall sweare to kepe this Provosts othe in all poyncts nowe given and declared unto you in the precense of these witnesses, and in doing so knowe that I your Maister will teache all that I knowe of this our science of Defense and of being a true Peer of the East, to aide you in all true and good ventures, and to be a true and steadfast Maister besides.

His Highness Brennan played herald for us and read the contract. After that, we signed it and had all those witnessing sign as well. It was pretty cool.

Brennan the Herald

The scroll/contract was written twice — one on each side of the paper. After all the signatures were completed, it was cut down the center in a jagged form. One half went with Donovan and the other half came home with me. The jagged cut is basically a Ye Ol’ Anti-Forgery measure.


Here are a bunch of pics Kate took.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Looking forward to starting this new journey.


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