Post-Pennsic SCA Projects

– Finish the buff coat. Test run of the dye was… weird. I’ve emailed Master Luke for his expertise.
– LT’s doublet. It’s going to be very… LT.
– Straps & buckles for the new spurs. I meant to snag some period buckles at Pennsic but shopping time was almost eradicated this year for me.
– More period accurate falling bands and hand falls since I got lace, compliments of Baron Jehan recently. 😀
– Also have some fabric laying around. More doublets maybe? I have old ones that need to be put out to pasture soon. I didn’t roast nearly as bad as I expected in my slashed-sleeve doublet at Pennsic this year.

– Last year or so I had an idea for animated melee training videos. Xs & Os type stuff. I should work on making that a reality. I don’t think anything like this exists on the Internet (amazingly).
– Also want to write up a rapier melee treatise. The rapier ones I’ve found from other kingdoms are so-so and the rattan ones don’t translate perfectly to rapier. Would be nice to write one in the EK tradition to help new commanders.
– Need to brainstorm melee commanding class with Nataliia. Again, to help new commanders.
– I’m fired up to do more period rapier stuff. It’s been such a boon to my skill. I should try to find more time to delve into it deeper… y’know, in all that free time I have.

This list will only keep growing.


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