PATTERN: 17th Century/Cavalier Spur Leather

One of the more prominent items of a 17th Century cavalier’s garb is the spur leather which helped hold up a cavalryman’s spurs.

In Medieval times, this was just a strap of leather that wrapped around the front of the boot. By the mid-17th Century, the spur leather grew in size and took on the popular shape of a butterfly or bow.

These were made of tough leather. The pair I made for myself (see below) are two layers of 4-5oz veggy-tan leather, dyed black and sewn together with black wax linen. A strap (4-5oz leather) goes through two openings in the front of the “butterfly” and is secured by a buckle on the outside. A second strap could be added, connecting to the first strap and going underneath the foot. It’s not necessary unless you find the spur leather rising up.

cavalier spur leathers
After a few uses, the leather softens up and will mold to the bend in your feet. It gives the spur leather some individual character.

You can save a PNG of the pattern below or download the PDF here.

The pattern was hand drawn, so it’s not symmetrical and could be improved upon. Dimensions are not based on any extent examples, but me eyeballing woodcuts, paintings, etc. while also weighing what I think would look best on my boots. With that said, this pattern should be a good starting point for those looking to make their boots look a bit more authentic. Feel free to alter as you see fit.

SpurLeather PatternHere’s a shot of me in action. My spur leathers have gotten pretty beat up from use. The leather is a bit more supple and moves better with the angles of my foot/ankle.



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