Nataliia’s Cavalier Hat

My good friend and fellow fencer, Nataliia, commissioned me to make her a fancy cavalier hat for Pennsic without any instruction or description of what she wanted the hat to look like. “I trust you,” was her rallying cry for the project, which is giving me an incredible amount of power and freedom.

I can be a bit hypercritical of my work and when making something for a friend I wasn’t sure if it was “good enough for Nataliia” but she was bouncing around in excitement when she put it on, so I guess I did all right.

I thought the plumes were going to be light blue, but instead came in as a light purple. Fortunately, purple is Nataliia’s favorite color, and I think it works nicely with the red satin band. The purple plumes sandwich a black plume for a little variety and depth.

As for the satin band, there’s a layer of wool sandwiched in between to give the band more strength and shape. I also had to stretch the crown out a little as the vendor didn’t have her exact size. It worked out, though.

I meant to get pictures of her wearing it while at Pennsic but I was a tad busy and pre-occupied with other fencing stuff. I’ll add a photo of her in it up here once I find (or take) one.

First commission piece for someone. First hat commission. Yay!

You can learn how to make a cavalier/musketeer hat in my basic guide.


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